Project Description

Sunshine and Sunflowers is part of my Chickadees in the Garden Series.  Sunflowers are of great interest to the chickadees.  They love the sunflower seeds when they are ripe.  Somehow they know when they are ready in our garden.  We look out our window and they are busy getting seeds.  The flower becomes a living bird feeder in the fall garden.

More about my Chickadees in the Garden Series:

One of the most welcome visitors to my garden each spring is the Chickadee.  This little bird provides so much life and excitement.  It chitters and chatters as it flits about, always checking any new things I add.  In the summer he happily brings his little family to the yard. They feed at the feeder and stop for a quick splash in the bird bath.  To celebrate my little friend I started a series, Chickadees in the Garden.  Each time I challenge myself to place the chickadee with something I think he would enjoy.

Sunshine and Sunflowers Won Award of Excellence in FCA Chilliwack Juried Show, Chilliwack 2016

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