“I have always been interested in the Creative Process and my family will attest to my many projects throughout the years. I love “creating things”!! I worked with many mediums, fabric, needlework, wood, even food but once I started drawing I knew this was me. I especially like Plein Air work; drawing and painting on a trail in the mountains or perched on a log on a beach. To me this is heaven!!”
Wendy Mould - Plein Air painting at Mount Revelstoke National Park

A Defining Moment

My art career started slowly as I studied and practiced mostly on my own. My first big break came when I entered the ARTS 2000 Juried Show at the Surrey Arts Center. My picture Snow: Winter’s Coast of Beauty was picked. I was ecstatic!! This event was a huge milestone in my art career.

A Special Person

One of my dreams is to travel and paint as Emily Carr did; being able to stay in one place long enough to really get to know my subject. Now I am able to do just that. On one of our trips I completed Voices of the Past. When I researched the totems poles in my picture, I learned the Haida pole I had featured in my picture was a replica of the totem pole which Emily Carr painted in 1928.

Voices of the Past
Special Treats

A Favourite Picture

My picture Special Treats is a favourite for me. Zoey, my daughter’s rabbit, was busy eating away at my basket of pansies. She knew she was in trouble when she saw me. She was probably quite surprised when I started taking pictures and making sketches instead of scolding her!! In a short time the flowers were gone; I put my things down and went to save my baskets. She was happily taking advantage of this time and had climbed on top of the pansies and was busy working way on petunias that were now in her reach!!

My Support Team

My work as an Artist has taken me to many new places with lots of new adventures.  However, it is the support and encouragement  of my family that has really helped me.  They have been there to celebrate the big moments and to give that support to push on when things are down.    Especially  my husband, Steve and dog, Rusty who have spent hours waiting while I “take just a few more minutes to finish this piece”.  I have been very fortunate.

My Support Team
Walking Buddies

Walking Buddies – Rusty & Me